Gamjajeon  (Korean Potato Pancakes)

Gamjajeon (Korean Potato Pancakes)


Tasty, light, fluffy. A great breakfast that is easy to make, and everyone will love.

Also, it has a ton of variations in flavour profile.

YOU WILL NEED: 8 Potato’s (peeled, cooked but still firm) 1/2C Flour, 1/2C Vegetable Oil, Salt (to taste), 1/2 onion, nonstick oil spray

DIPPING SAUCE: 5T Soy Sauce, 1 1/2T Vinegar, 1t Brown Sugar. Prepare by mixing them up.


  1. Grate your potato’s (peeled, cooked but still firm). Also grate your onion
  2. Add your grated potato and onion to a large bowl, then add your flour, salt and oil. Give all that a good mix
  3. Shape up to 8 thick pancakes (rectangle shape). Give them all a salt
  4. Over 60% heat on your frypan, add your nonstick oil spray
  5. Fry your pancakes till golden, then flip
  6. When cooked, add extra salt. Serve with dipping sauce.

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