French Omelette

French Omelette


A classic fluffy and light French breakfast item, that is easy to make.

Everyone will enjoy it.

And the best thing yet, there are millions of possibilities with the fillings.


  • 2 Eggs, 1T whole milk, 1 1/2T vegetable oil, salt (to taste), nonstick cooking spray.

Recommended fillings: Brie cheese, cheddar cheese, grilled mushrooms, grilled peppers, a green vegetable/herbs for garnish.

TIP: for more flavour, feel free to add extra seasonings to the eggs like curry powder.


  1. Combine your eggs, milk, oil and salt in a bowl, whisk with a fork
  2. When well mixed, add it to your frypan over medium heat. (be sure you have used your nonstick oil spray) The mixture should sizzle
  3. When the top is slightly firm, add the fillings
  4. Flip carefully
  5. Serve and enjoy. This will be a crowd-pleaser

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