Eggy Bread

Eggy Bread


Like a light and savoury breakfast? This eggy bread is for you. It is basically the savoury version of french toast.

Feel free to use any toppings you like.

TIP: Use a good nonstick frypan.


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YOU WILL NEED 3 Eggs, 1T Milk, 1 1/2t Garlic Powder, 1/2t Paprika, 1t Herbs, 1 1/2t Vegetable Stock Seasoning, Salt and Pepper (to taste), 4 Slices of Bread, Olive Oil (to fry)

Optional Extras: 1 Sliced and lemon seasoned avocado, cooked sweet potato.

  1. Mix up the eggs, milk and seasonings well
  2. Dip your bread in the egg mixture, and fry over medium heat until golden. Flip the eggy bread.
  3. Serve with extra toppings if you like.

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