Breakfast: Sunny-Side Eggs on Hash Browns

Breakfast: Sunny-Side Eggs on Hash Browns


A great breakfast. The Runny Egg-Yolk with great Hash Browns is a great combo, with a side of grilled Mushrooms or Bell Peppers.

Very indulgent comfort food!

Note: these hash-browns are 1000X better than store-bought ones! Who knows what goes into those store-bought ones?

Use a good frypan, as this might get hot!

Recipe (let’s get cooking!)

Serves 4 — 45 Minutes (for a weekend day when you have time to cook)

You will need (for the Hash Browns) :7 Medium Potatoes, 1/2C Melted Butter, 3T Flour, 1/2t Herbs, 1/2t Pepper, 1t Salt, Vegetable Oil (for frying).

For the eggs: 8 eggs ( cooking/nonstick spray — if you are doing fried. )

Sides: 4 Mushrooms, sliced (and mixed with olive oil), paprika, herbs, salt and pepper

2 Peppers, sliced (and mixed with olive oil), paprika, herbs, salt and pepper

Bread: If you like, serve your breakfast with a side of garlic bread or sourdough. I’ll post a garlic bread recipe soon!

To Garnish: Paprika, Salt and Pepper

Hash Browns

  1. Grate your potatoes, then soak them in warm water (to drain out starch)
  2. Place your grated potatoes in a colander lined with a clean cheesecloth, to squeeze out as much moisture as possible
  3. To your melted butter, add your herbs, pepper and salt
  4. Add your grated potatoes into a new mixing bowl, then add your melted butter and flour (both on different sides)
  5. Mix all that well!
  6. Over medium-high heat, add your oil into a frypan. When your pan is heated well, continue onto the next step
  7. Mould hash-browns about 1.5-2cm thick, and about 8-10cm tall in your hands or a plate, then fry it on both sides until golden. Repeat this process with the remaining batter.
  8. TIP: To keep everything fresh and crispy, place your completed hash-browns onto a preheated oven tray (oven should be at 100*C Bake)


For the eggs, you can choose to make them however you want.

I recommend poached or fried eggs.

Tips for Fried Eggs

  • Use medium heat, then spray down your pan with cooking spray
  • Do 2 eggs at a time
  • Add a dash of water, then place over a lid. This will allow the eggs to steam, and will result in a perfectly cooked egg.
  • Try to get a runny egg yolk, and a firm white.


  • Make sure to preheat your oven to 180*C
  • Get your sliced vegetables, and toss them in oil and seasoning. Dump them on a lined baking sheet, and bake for 15-25 minutes or untill golden.

Serving Everything Up!

  • See my photo on how to do this perfectly. Plate 2 hash browns per person, and place 1 fried egg on each hash brown. Add your sides and season everything with paprika, salt and pepper (and sauces if you wish — homemade mayo is good, I can make a recipe of mayo someday)
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